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Getting Started

A domain name is the bit of text you type in the address bar to specifically find your website. Our domain name is www.websitecentral.co.uk. Your domain name should reflect the name of your business or the service you provide. 

Search available domains –  https://instantdomainsearch.com

Both our plans include 1x .co.uk or .com domain name. You can start searching for available domain names now but don’t buy it, Website Central will buy it for you (Don’t worry you’ll still be the owner, it’s just easier this way)

When your domain is up for renewal you can transfer it to Website Central and we’ll pay for the renewal and manage it for you. You’ll always be the owner and if you ever cancelled your subscription we wouldn’t keep your domain name ‘hostage’.

Alternatively you can manage your domain yourself and ‘point’ your website address to our host servers.

Once your website is designed it needs to be uploaded onto a server that the internet connects to. This is called hosting. Without it your website can’t be seen online. 

Transfer time can vary depending on your extension ( .co.uk, .com, .org etc). This usually takes just a few hours.

Transferring your domain name can be a little tricky however, we can take care of this for you. We’ll need to contact your current domain registrar to retag the domain name to us. 

During transfer your domain will still work as normal with no disruption.

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a security protocol that makes sure that any personal information transmitted through a website such as a name, phone number, and email is encrypted. All websites we design will be SSL encrypted.

Initial Website Design & Launch

Probably. There are many platforms available such as Wix where you can build your own website. However, you have to do everything yourself and beware the add-on costs that can make it just as expensive as our package. The beauty of Website Central is that we do everything for you. Wouldn’t you rather dedicate your valuable time to running your business rather than faff around with website builders, hosting packages, design creativity or search engine optimisation?

No, but let us know what websites you like the look of and we can help create something similar for you. 

Provided we have all the information we need from you, we can get cracking straight away and go live within 14 days. We know other companies can offer a quicker turn around time, however we don’t like to rush. When we create websites we like to take our time and put as much care and effort in to it as possible so that the finished product is something we’re both proud of.

We use the WordPress platform and various professional plugins to build your website. WordPress is perhaps one of the worlds leading website platforms with an estimated 27% of the internet being powered by WordPress alone. 

To manage your domain and host your website, we use a 3rd party provider. This allows us to keep our costs down whilst ensuring we have access to the very best servers that have the power capable of running your website quickly and efficiently. 

Once your website is live, Google’s little robots will crawl through and have a look at your website. Well designed content, images, text and navigation all play a factor in boosting your Google ranking. It can take time, however we strategically design websites to help your website rank as high as possible.

Website Features & Content

There are many features available to enhance the text and images within your website. We’ll list just a few below;

  • Add videos or embed your Youtube videos.
  • Create a beautiful blog (great for recent news or articles – Keeps your website looking fresh)
  • Assist your customers with a FAQ (frequently asked questions) section.
  • Eye grabbing pop-ups. 
  • Engage with your visitors through a live chat widget.
  • ‘Call to Action’ landing pages to help create leads. 
  • Showcase your work with a stunning picture gallery. 
  • Easy contact form that sends messages directly to your email inbox. 
  • Homepage slideshow to highlight your services. 
  • Allow your customer to download documents from your website. 
  • Pricing tables for the services you offer
  • E-commerce – sell products and services online (Additional Monthly Charge)

AND much more!

Our website package does not include text. You have several options available;

  • We can copy the text over from your existing website (if you have one)
  • We can design you website and leave numerous ‘text content areas’ and you send us the text to fill those areas. 
  • We can put you in contact with a professional 3rd party content writer who will be able to create engaging, conversion focused text. This option is very affordable!

A blog is a regularly updated web page. Most commonly used for the latest news, sharing your industry insights, or to showcase recent projects. Blogs are a great way to keep your website looking fresh. With Website Central you have the option to include a blog on your website.

Our website package allows you allows you to have up to 5 pages. If you need more pages then these can be added for an additional £1.50 per month per page.

Yes! We can integrate an online shop into your website (Additional Monthly Charge Applies)

Email Accounts & Forwarders

Our website package allows you to create as many forwarders and non-hosted email accounts as you need. For a non-hosted email account, you will need an email application to be installed on your computer. There are many free applications available. 

If you require an email account to be accessible across multiple devices then you’ll want a hosted email account. We can supply our own hosted account or you can purchase an email package from Google or Microsoft and connect it to your website address.

If you’re using the generic Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc for your business then stop now. Using an email address with your domain name creates a better professional image of your business.

A forwarder is an email address that can forward emails to one or more other email addresses. 

For example, sales@yourdomain.co.uk can be forwarded so that yourname@yourdomain.co.uk receives the email. Theirs no limit either, so can have as many forwarders as you need and forward it onto an unlimited number of email addresses. 

POP3 (non-hosted) and IMAP (hosted) are methods in which to receive emails.  IMAP (Internet Messaging Access Protocol) emails are stored on the server meaning that your emails can be synced across multiple devices. POP3 (Post Office Protocol) emails are immediately downloaded of the server and to your single device.

Ongoing Management & Updates

As much as you need! If you have an idea or would like to add more content or make a change then let us know. We’ll do it for you. We’ll also proactively make recommendations if we think it will be of benefit to your business. 

That depends on what you want us to change. Small changes such as text or pictures can be carried out lightening quick. 

Anything else such as new content and features really does depend on what it is and how much work is involved. Don’t worry we wont drag our heels but it’s important to us that new content is carefully planned and strategically implemented. 

Yes, we can give you a login and you will be able to edit/replace text and pictures. Your full subscription also covers this so you can just request a change and we’ll do it for you. 

Yes. We will issue you with a login so you can add and edit your own posts. It’s quite simple when you know how… We’ll even take the time to teach you.

Billing, subscription, and cancellations

Everything to get started with a fully functional website is included in our package. Furthermore, with our subscription, we won’t charge you for tweaking your content or adding cool website features.

However, if you require additional pages, a hosted email account, or an online shop then there is a small additional charge. 

Additionally, if you want more than one domain name pointed towards your website we will charge you at cost. These can range from £8 right up to £85 per year, however, we feel additional domain names are unnecessary for small businesses. 

We will collect your monthly subscription payment by Direct Debit.

We issue all our customers with an invoice several days before the subscription is deducted from your bank account. 

We hope you won’t ever need to leave, but the process is fairly straight forward. After your initial 12 month agreement ends, you’re free to cancel. Just let us know by email or via the client portal. Be sure you make a copy of your website content before you cancel as your website will be completely removed from the internet. If you’ve chosen another provider, let us know so we can transfer your domain to them.

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